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xul rdf datasource refresh/reload for webpage

Gabriel Millerd

Like many others I am having a problems my webpage which is written in
XUL and served via httpd. It is composed of listboxes/tree-templates
that have RDF external datasources that are needed to be refreshed
(when changes occur to the data, page is reloaded, etc)

How should one best avoid the RDF caching issues subsequent visits to
the webpage?

* It seems that either you dynamically create the XUL (for example a
perl script that actually writes out the XML and sets the datasources
to be cache breaking)

* Alternatively you could have the RDF datasources set to null, and
use onLoad= to set them up dynamically.

Also how do you refresh the listboxes/tree-templates on demand or
progmatically? So if you wanted to make a listview that was tied to a
datasource that changes frequently and a button that reloads the

* Seems like this is similar to the above onLoad= setup, where your
going to request the datasource to refresh. However its not entirely
clear if this is available to XUL webpages, requires a component, or
the browser to have about:config changes.

Honestly, XUL even at this stage provides such a great interface. It
would really be a shame to have to switch back to using HTML and Ajax.
Thought it seems that for years not people have struggled with this
same issue.

Thanks for any guidance.
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