when is gloda (re-)indexing of a message finished (listener available?)

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when is gloda (re-)indexing of a message finished (listener available?)

I am reviving an addon which is indexing (or reindexing) a message (e.g.     GlodaMsgIndexer.indexMessages([[aMsgHdr.folder, aMsgHdr.messageKey]]);

After indexMessages, it tries to get the gloda collection for aMsgHdr.messageId by Gloda.getMessageCollectionForHeader(aMsgHdr.  etc.

Length in onQueryCompleted is 0, so I assume indexing isn't finished yet.

How can I find out whether the message has been indexed yet? Or even better, when it is finished?

indexMessages  calls an indexingjob, and there I get lost in the code somewhere.


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