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viva Haiku, death to BeOS

Alexander von Gluck IV
Good evening,

I was looking into porting NSS to Haiku (, and
noticed a rather large requirement of nspr.

Looking over the nspr source code, I noticed a *lot* of BeOS cruft that
no longer compiles.

I've been working at porting nspr this afternoon (using a lot of the old
BeOS sources and removing all the hacks).

I wanted to raise the following questions:

 1) If I submitted the Haiku patches, would they be welcome upstream?
    My work so far is here:
    And here:

 2) I'm keeping the Haiku bits apart from the BeOS bits.  If I were to
    go back and remove all of the BeOS code after the Haiku code was
    finished, would this change be welcome?

I've not developed for Mozilla before, so hopefully I'm going about
things the right way.

I attached the unit tests I've gotten working so far, not bad for ~4
hours work :-)


 -- Alexander von Gluck

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