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Silvia Pfeiffer
Hi all,

I just wanted to introduce myself briefly and the new work-item I'm doing.

My name is Silvia Pfeiffer, I am from Sydney, Australia, and Mozilla
is supporting me to do some video accessibility work for the upcoming
HTML5 <video> and <audio> elements - so we can all better use these
multimedia files. I have not previously worked with Mozilla and am
very happy about this challenge. I have however, worked with Xiph and
timed text codecs for almost 10 years and have previously done some
work on automated captioning using speech recognition.

My first aim will be to identify the best caption "codec" for Ogg.
Later we will look into audio annotations, sign language and other
types of a11y features that could be transferred as a textual
representation of the video/audio file. I hope for good input from the
community, so we can get this right.

I have just published a blog post that explains a bit more about the

Since I'd like to get as much active contribution from the Xiph
community as possible and not spam any other mailing lists, I have set
up a separate video accessibility mailing list at Xiph: .

If you feel strongly about audio/video accessibility and can
contribute technical help - in particular from a disabled person's
viewpoint - I would really like you to join!

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