translating .dtd files with OmegaT + alignment tool

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translating .dtd files with OmegaT + alignment tool

Sabine Cretella
Hi, yesterday by chance a person working on localizations of software of asked on the OmegaT chat ( irc://
how to work on .dtd files.

This morning I found the workaround and posted it on my blog in order to
have it always somewhere for future reference.

So who of you is interested in using a CAT-Tool for the translation and
be able to share tmx files with oters should have a look at OmegaT
( - 1.6 RC6 or RC7 is needed - and
how to set up the segmentation rules in order to be able to easily work
on the.dtd files (for the description plase see:

Furtermore, for alignment of former translations to create tmx files you
can have a look at
The first software is on release 0.9 now and to my opinion a good
solution - the sourceforge project page is here:

Well I thought I should post this information here.



Sabine Cretella
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