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Nathan Parrish-2
I am working on plumbing some of the environment stuff through xmlrpc so
we can start tracking configurations in our automated test runs.

it seems like quite a bit of work to fully map the configuration of a
test setup onto the test_environment_* schema, both in terms of figuring
out the best way to do this and the trouble of making all the pieces
line up properly via xmlrpc.

instead I want to have a simplified solution where I represent my config
as a blob which is opaque to testopia.  in fact, this will be a yaml
representation of my config, which the other bits of our infrastructure
(test scheduling, reporting) can parse.  eventually we can push this
information down into the schema.

I thought that this would be simple enough by storing this config blob
as a property value.  i.e. each of my configs will have an
environment_id which will map to one element (with name 'config_blob',
say) which will have one property, which will have its value set to the
blob.  however in looking at the schema I'm confused as to how
properties were intended to be used.  there is a name field
*varchar(255), and then a validexp field (blob).  I could shoehorn my
stuff into this validexp blob easily enough, but it sounds like this is
not what it was meant for at all.  ah, now that the GUI is working (much
better than it did 2+ years ago), I see that the actual value selected
gets stored in test_environment_map.value_selected, which is a tinytext
(I think 256 characters maximum, though our database doesn't enforce

I guess I'm looking for advice on how best to solve this without getting
too far out in the weeds (adding new columns, etc.).

also related is https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=606615 ,
which I've started poking at with my exceedingly meager perl skills.
the main challenge seems to be figuring out how to navigate the
array/hash refs and feed the proper things to
Bugzilla::Extension::Testopia::foo and cobble all this back together
into something xmlrpc can return.  it's slow going.
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