some bugs display some don't.

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some bugs display some don't.

Hello again,

I finally have bugzilla 2.18.1 up and running.  I'm doing a manual import of
another bugzilla database.
Something curious is happening.  When I do a search on all bugs, I see all
of the bugs that I have
imported.  When I click on the bugs to display them, some show up and some

Below is the insert statement for mysql for two bugs.  The first shows up.
The second doesn't.

INSERT INTO bugs VALUES (2,1,'','normal','CLOSED','2004-09-24
21:47:49',20040925181616,'TEst 2','Windows
-',0,'',0,'','2004-09-25 18:16:17',1,1,1,0.00,0.00,NULL);

INSERT INTO bugs VALUES (15,1,'','normal','NEW','2004-10-06
09:54:25',20041024210155,'Logging configuration doesn\'t work
correctly','Windows XP

The search statement was to include all bugs.  Would someone please tell me
why show_bug.cgi displays the first bug [ 2,1 ] correctly, but it doesn't
display the 2nd bug [15,1] correctly. In fact, the second bug is displayed
as blank with no product information, priority, etc.

Also, I did a quick check and this problem doesn't seem to have anything to
do with the bug being open or closed/resolved. Nor does it seem to be order
related. i.e. after one bug doesn't display correctly, the following bug
display correctly with show_bug.cgi

A final question: With the sql statements that I've given, how would I
delete these items?



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