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smime signature not validated

Buddy Butterfly


I do get valid certificates from the lawyer.
For one of the certificates the signature is not validated!
The certificates seem to differ only in the way the DN is formed.
Here are the DN listed (data replaced). DN 1. is valid whereas
DN 2. is invalid. The DN is given exactly like stored in X.509 structure.
As one can see, DN 2. has a different sequence of attributes and the serialNumber is
given in the country attribute.

1. CN=Trampel Tier, SN=Tier/serialNumber=00000000012765678943, C=DE, [hidden email]
2. C=DE/serialNumber=00000000048672583851, CN=Christa Miller, SN=Miller, [hidden email]

Could this difference be the reason for not validating the certificate and signature?

TB always prints that signature could not be validated because of an unknown reason. :-(

Of course, I have checked all other parameters, like having correct CA and certificate chain is correctly
displayed, etc. Everything looks the same to cert 1. but just being not verified.

Thanks a lot and cheers,

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