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query change by ignoring some changes

Aaron Larson
Our project has a Change Control Board (CCB) that meets once per week
to review all PCRs(bugs) that have had activity in the last week.
During the meeting CCB sometimes makes edits to PCRs.

They'd like to run a query that returns all PCRs changed in the last 8
days (8 rather than 7 to catch changes during the CCB meeting), but
don't return PCRs where the only change is from the CCB.

I thought the v19 negated boolean charts might cover this, but I
couldn't compose a query that got the results I expected (using the
installs on Landfill).  However, after thinking about it a bit, its
not clear what a negated "changed by" query *should* mean.  Its pretty
clear its not what I want, which is "changed by someone other than".

The following bugs seem somewhat related, but not exactly...


Perhaps I'm all confused on this though, since several times I've made
searches on the bugzilla repository based on dates and have not goten
results I understand.  For example a query "Only bugs changed between
2005-06-24 and now" (where now was 2005-06-25) returned
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7969 which had a "Last
modified" of 6/25, but "View Bug Activty" showed no changes since
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