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query.cgi: Error in tempfile()

Nabeel Moeen
I am trying to set up a bug repository using bugzilla 2.18.3 on Windows XP
professional using IIS.
I was able to follow the instructions on the bugzilla web page without much
difficulty, and got the site up and running. After browsing through a couple
of pages using hte administrator account I tried loggin in from another

the Login (and a couple of other operations available on the main page) give
me the following error:
" query.cgi: Error in tempfile() using data\versioncache.XXXXX: Could not
create temp file data\versioncache.8pOvZ: Permission denied at globals.pl
line 241"

I can't log in from the server machine anymore either.
Any information regarding the solution would be highly appreciated.


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