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Neil Deakin
So I'm working on changing the way that xul popup events get sent
around. Right now, a popupshowing event gets sent synchronously using
nsPresShell::HandleDOMEventWithTarget, and then when the event is
finished, and not prevented, the popup is opened.

My understanding is that asynchronous events are preferred. For
instance, the menu/menubar frame code needs to open/close a popup in
certain circumstances.

To do this, I'm thinking that the popup could be opened in the default
handling code for the popupshowing event. It would then initialize the
popup, cause a layout, which would open the popup. All this needs to
happen when the mouse is still pressed. Note that new frames will likely
need to created as a result of the popupshowing event.

But I'm not sure where the default handling for events is supposed to go.

/ Neil
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