planned removal of STEEL module from Thunderbird

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planned removal of STEEL module from Thunderbird

Hi addon developers.

We would like to remove the STEEL module from Thunderbird in bug 1278067
(, because it
duplicates functionality that is already present by other means, like
the Services and AppConstants objects.

If your extensions still references 'steelIApplication' please call the
other alternatives.

E.g. many extentions call STEEL only to determine if running under
Thunderbird. You can achieve the same via 'AppConstants.MOZ_APP_NAME ==
"thunderbird"' check. You load AppConstants via
Components.utils.import("resource://gre/modules/AppConstants.jsm"); at
the top of your .js file.

Removing duplicate functionality allows us to make Thunderbird smaller
(less code/memory).

Firefox has removed the equivalent FUEL module in version 47.
Thunderbird plans to do it by version 59.


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