patch 3.4.4 work on bugzilla version 3.4.8

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patch 3.4.4 work on bugzilla version 3.4.8

Jason Wee

Not sure if this is the right mailling list but please point to the correct
mailling list if this is incorrect.

I have installed testopia version 2.3.1 into bugzilla 3.4.8 and it goes
fine. I'm reading on this ( that to
patch the bugzilla according to the version of the bugzilla unfortunately i
can't find the patch for bugzilla 3.4.8 but i applied the patch 3.4.4 and
patch goes fine.

first run on the

Adding foreign key: test_runs.build_id -> test_builds.build_id...
Adding foreign key: test_runs.manager_id -> profiles.userid...
Adding a new user setting called 'view_testopia'
[root@arex-1x bugzilla]#

second run on
Populating test plan ACLs ...
Done checking Testopia setup.

So this patch applicable to the bugzilla version 3.4.8. If you need any
further verification, please let me know.

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