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Oliveiros Cristina-2
 Howdy, All.

 I am having a problem with this interface on the latest sdk, namely on the
xulrunner-sdk 1.9 for ff3.

 I cannot understand why the methods GetAccessibleInWindow() and
GetAccessibleFor() don't work.

 This is even stranger because they were working on the previous version of
my component, on gecko 1.8.

 The behavior I notice is that the output parameter (the last one) is always
being filled with a NULL ponter ...

 In spite of NS_OK being always returned by both methods...

 I know that this interface has changed since 1.8, but I am in a full 1.9
environment, i am not interoperating with older versions of the

 Can anyone please kindly tell me where I might have gone sideways on this?

 My ultimate goal is to get a handle to the window, shall I use other

 Thanks very much for any help


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