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Hi everybody,

Just wanted to make you all aware of a Mozilla initiative to build out a legal contributor community. We're presenting a session on this topic at MozFest at 4pm GMT today. I've included the session description below.

Do you know trusted lawyers who would like to help Mozilla and other Mozillians in need? Please ask them to join the Mozilla Legal Community on http://lawgives.com/mozilla

Are you involved in a community project that requires legal support? We're here to help you, check out http://lawgives.com/mozilla


The Mozilla project is facing legal challenges on many fronts, as are many in the broader Mozilla community. If you are a lawyer, you can volunteer to help Mozilla.

Mozilla and LawGives are building a community for lawyers to help the Mozilla project; lawyers who look to support people who make things, and who share Mozilla’s goal of moving the world from consumption to creation.

We seek lawyers and technologists who care about innovation and creativity, who want to share knowledge, thought leadership and their expertise around the legal issues that Mozillians care about, free and open source software, copyright, patent issues, access to knowledge, privacy, and internet censorship, to name a few.

Law is like the source-code for society, and in the ethos of Mozillians, you can help contribute towards making it open-source and accessible to everyone. Together we can make, and draw upon, a collective legal intelligence for Mozillians around the world.

The session will introduce a new platform that will support this movement and help explore and define the problems around each major issue from a legal perspective, generate ideas, and then begin a discussion around approaches to how legal mechanisms, structures and leverage points can be used to bring about changes in the interests of the Open Web.

The law should be accessible just like the Open Web. Join us to make it so.

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