libGL is now being required to build TB under linux

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libGL is now being required to build TB under linux


Having failed to update the source tree like for two weeks,
I just noticed the build of C-C TB now requires


library during the linking of libxul.so.

This was unfortunate since I was going through reassemblying my PC(s)  
for memory-related reason, and when I thought I was done, C-C TB didin't  
compile on the new PC after I installed linux and the latest C-C TB source.

It took me quite a while to figure out the cause of the failure.

Under Debian GNU/Linux, you need to run the following command

apt-get libgl-dev

which then tells you to that libgl-dev is a meta-pacakand we should pick  
up one of the existing implementations. I justsfollow the instruction  
and I was done.

I install linux rather minimally these days.

python bootstrap.py

automagically installs the required packages which were great!

(Except I think I needed to install hg (i.e. mercurium in the first  
place myself. But then bootstrap.py upgraded it to a later version  
during its execution.)

Jist thought someone might be hitting the same issue.

There is a bugzilla regarding this issue, but of course, C-C TB not  
building is unexpected.

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