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[jobs] NSPR/MiniMoXUL/XPCOM/XML/SVG folks - Amsterdam area.

Dirk-Willem van Gulik
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We're doing some very complex integration of third party code into a
stripped down and customized version Mozilla/Firefox. So I am looking for
a handful of people which have one or more of the following skills:

- -> Get XUL and XRE and have some great ideas of how to
        improve things big time. Know what RDF is and really want
        to get into XPCOM.
- -> totally grok buildsystems, makefiles, shell scripts, cross platform
        builds (windows, mac, linux, *bsd), svn and the art of making
        release builds and release engineering. If you're already
        into something like minimo or modular builds - great.
- -> Enjoy taking (usually C or C++) code and tie it into Mozilla
        and make it available to the various higher layers. APR and
        NSPR are no secrets to you.
- -> And doing this in such a way that the same code can also
        go into an apache module build sounds like a fun challenge.
- -> Want to work on getting the right display engine doing things
        faster; even when combined with mixes of complex SVG, DHTML
        and javascript. And you have a strong vision here. You're not
        scared of recursive/compiler-compilers and UI definitions which
        generate alternative interfaces on the fly.

The location will be the amsterdam area; expect it to be for at least
a few years. For rare cases, provided they have a long open source
record of working remote, we may consider off-site work with regular
visits to either London or Amsterdam.

Thanks a lot,


PS: And I'd love to hear from crack C++ programmers who love complex
        network programming as well.
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