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[important] Community emails - general responses - please provide feedback

Ioana Chiorean
Hi all,
As we are pretty split as a QA Team and we cover so many areas and
timezone - we created a generic reply to emails - both for the general
ones "I wanna help in QA" but also for those targeting one specific team
"I want to contribute to mobile QA". This would help anyone to reply to
any emails in order not to have unanswered emails.

Link -

Please provide feedback as I reached only one person from each team and
probably some are missing.
After having a good set of replies I will put them up on wiki/mana so
they can be easy to find and use.
Will be nice to try to keep the community in a place and more engaged (
some team are really good at that)


PS: If you don't have access to the spreadsheet, please contact me in
private (not to spam the list)
dev-quality mailing list
[hidden email]