iOS 5.0 - We will land the menu changes without the automatic hyphenation

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iOS 5.0 - We will land the menu changes without the automatic hyphenation

Stefan Arentz-5
Thank you all for the feedback. I looks like the version without the automatic hyphenation has the most success so that is what we will go with for v5.0: <>

This code is not in any build yet, so we’ll land it today and get a new build out.

There are two issues left with this version though:

1) So we automatically shrink the text to fit. But there is a limit to the font size and when we hit that, iOS will just break the word randomly. I think currently that only happens for Dutch (Desktopversie), Norwegian (skrivebordversjon) and Swedish (datorwebbplats) (Is that double b supposed to be there?). My advice is to use other terminology there. Shorter or break it up in multiple words. You can also look at Safari, which has a similar option with similar space constraints.

2) Some menu titles need 4 lines. For example Russian and Romanian. It doesn’t look too bad, but limiting it to 3 lines would be better.

Thanks for all the thanks, but I only pushed the button to make the screenshots. Emily did all the experimentation with the layout and made the code changes. You can follow that work in bug and the attached PR :-)

Final note: we are nearing the deadline, but we are happy to do another release rapidly after 5.0, with just L10N fixes. Apple’s turnaround time is now super fast, so within a day or two we could have more fixes on the store and in people’s hands.


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