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Hi all,

How can I register the observer "http-on-modify-request" available only
to each window instead of the entire application? I have notice that
this event "http-on-modify-request" will be triggered even more if i
Open more navigator window, ie: Open 2 Firefox window will trigger this
event 2 times which i think is redundant, and hence i could not get the
HttpChannel correctly...

My question is, can I eliminate this by making the
"http-on-modify-request" only available to each window? and how?

Please advice.

Below is my code:

var a =
   QueryInterface : function(aIID)
     if (aIID.equals(Components.interfaces.nsIWebProgressListener) ||
         aIID.equals(Components.interfaces.nsISupportsWeakReference) ||
         aIID.equals(Components.interfaces.nsIObserver) ||
         aIID.equals(Components.interfaces.nsIHttpNotify) ||
       return this;
     throw Components.results.NS_NOINTERFACE;

   observe: function(aSubject, aTopic, aData)
     if (aTopic == "http-on-modify-request")
       var uri = aSubject.URI.asciiSpec;
       dump("*** " + uri + " ***\n");

function regListener()
  observerService.addObserver(a, "http-on-modify-request", false);
function unregListener()
  observerService.removeObserver(a, "http-on-modify-request");

window.addEventListener("load", regListener, false);
window.addEventListener("unload", unregListener, false);
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