howto: Poor Man Sync between Mozilla Sunbird and an iPod

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howto: Poor Man Sync between Mozilla Sunbird and an iPod

This is my method of syncing Sunbird with my nano. Hopes this helps

Step 1. Create a new text file using Notepad
Step 2. Cut & Paste code below into that file
Step 3. Edit the variables (varSunPath, varipod) to match your system

Step 4. Save file as "ics2ipod.bat"
Step 6. Ensure your iPod is connected and in disk use mode
Step 7. Double Click the ics2ipod.bat file. This will then copy all ICS
files from your Sunbird profile to your iPod

You should now have had copied all your ICS files to your iPod check it

*If you only want a certain ICS file to copy over edit the varSunFile
*Create a shortcut or move the BAT file to your Quick Launch toolbar
for easy access


@echo off
REM this will copy ics file(s) to your ipod

REM path\filename to your mozilla sunbird ics file
SET varSunPath="C:\Documents and Settings\fooUser\Application
REM SET varSunFile="home.ics"
SET varSunFile="*.ics"

REM path to your ipod calendar directory
SET varipod="m:\calendar\"

REM runs the command to copy from sunbird to your ipod and auto
overwrites the file(s) on the ipod
XCOPY %varSunPath%%varSunFile% %varipod% /y


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