how to set tags so that they are reindexed by Gloda

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how to set tags so that they are reindexed by Gloda

I want to dublicate all tags from TB on PC1 in TB on PC2.

How do I set tags? I backup tags, together with headerMessageID, folder, folderparent.

So I can search in other TB by Gloda for these messages and can set the keywords.

In previous versions, I used
 msg.folderMessage.setStringProperty("keywords", msgTagInfo[msg.headerMessageID]);

where msg comes from gloda, so msg.folderMessage is a nsIDBMsgHeader.

That works and is displayed correctly in the message list. But in the new installation, this is not re-indexed by Gloda.
a) Can I force reindexing knowing the headerMessageID? How?
b) I also found nsIMsgFolder::addKeywordsToMessages
   What does that do, would that force reindexing?
c) Can I set the labels in the msg returned by Gloda? That probably doesn't make it back into the gloda db?

Any help is appreciated.

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