how to get message (nsIMsgDBHdr) from msgKey or GlodaID?

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how to get message (nsIMsgDBHdr) from msgKey or GlodaID?

how do I get a message (or msgDBHdr) from a messagekey or GlodaID?

From a Gloda search, I get a bunch of Glodamessages which have a msgKey but the header is null. I don't know which folder the message is in, because Gloda stores a wrong folderID.

Looking at my TB, I see that the messages do still exist, they have been moved from inbox to another folder by a filter, it seems that Gloda missed the action of the filter.

If I would know the nsIMsgDBHdr, then I could ask Gloda to reindex the message. So I need a path from the msgKey to the nsIMsgDBHdr.

delete the sqlite store to force reindex might work, but feels too drastic.

any help is appreciated,

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