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helping with docs, testing helper foo

Axel Hecht

I created a first tool to help with localizations, which is It
adds two simple rules and picks up to do two things:

run on all your dirs in the way that the build would.

create a new localization from scratch (does not work on mac :-( )

Both of them have sketchy instructions on, which
needs your help.

I left out all the stuff about "you need ..." and "learn CVS ....", I
guess those belong on different pages.

You can look at the make file at, soon. lxr
still needs to pick it up, but it is in CVS (on cvs-mirror, too) on both
trunk and 1.8 branch.

The choice for doing this as a make file was a pretty obvious one, I
want a single point where to define the directories required for a
localization, and that is So anything building on top of that
directory list will be a makefile as well. Not the easiest thing, but I
assume that folks will want to get up a minimal environment for checks
etc anyway, so they may just as well start here.

And it's still easier than figuring out all those dirs and bad CVS
subdirs and line endings from tarballs etc yourself.

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