gnopernicus 0.10.7 + firefox 1.5 RC2

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gnopernicus 0.10.7 + firefox 1.5 RC2

Jason Grieves

I went ahead and compiled the latest RC2 for firefox 1.5 for linux and AIX,
using pretty much the same flags (using the xlC compiler for AIX with a few
specific XLC options) in linux things seemed to work fine and I can "poke"
all widgets and use gnopernicus to navigate web pages.  The AIX version DID
have the accessibility flags (as far as I could tell) and yet all I am able
to poke is the top menu bar and the Panel.  This is even after exporting the
GTK_MODULES=atk-bridge:gail.  When that is not exported, firefox-bin does
not even show up in at-poke.

There is no errors about accessibility in logs.  I have the gnome 2.10
packages installed.  Am I missing anything?

I also wanted to thank those who have been making firefox more accessible.
Very good to have this excellent browser begin to make headway for disabled
users in Linux.

Any help would be appreciated,


God Bless,

Jason G.
Mathew 11:28-30

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