gloda returns strange/corrupted collection for tags

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gloda returns strange/corrupted collection for tags

I have  query for all tags in my mailboxes.

1) In the resulting collection, I find some items with tags='' (empty). It should be $label1, ... or similiar, but if no label, it should not have been returned.
2) On some items, a try block throws when trying to access the tags returned by the query.

In detail, in   while(msg=aCollection.items.pop()){ ... },this statement throws the exception or returns the empty string:  tagList=   msg.folderMessage.getStringProperty("keywords");

Why would that happen?

This is on my production TB with a global-messages-db.sqlite of 500 MB. All is fine in a development installation with only 200 mssages.

Any ideas are appreciated.

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