gloda.datastore ERROR ... action needed?

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gloda.datastore ERROR ... action needed?

Just noticed on the console:
> 2017-10-13 12:06:28 gloda.datastore ERROR got error in _asyncTrackerListener.handleError(): 19: constraint failed
>   log4moz.js:691
> CApp_append resource:///modules/gloda/log4moz.js:691:7
> Logger_log resource:///modules/gloda/log4moz.js:380:7
> Logger_error resource:///modules/gloda/log4moz.js:388:5
> GlodaDatastore._asyncTrackerListener.handleError resource:///modules/gloda/datastore.js:1803:9

This is only one of a total of 7 messages.
Also I have defined 7 mail accounts with Thunderbird!
Should I be concerned about the message ... and how to "solve" the


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