gcc compatibility issues with firefox Gecko SDK

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gcc compatibility issues with firefox Gecko SDK

usha thulasiram
I am developing an extension for FF4 on Linux platform using Firefox
native Gecko SDK. Earlier I faced compilation issues of Firefox 4.0
sdk with the older version of gcc(3.3). From the forums got to know
that latest gcc has to be used. With RHEL 6.0 (default gcc is 4.4) I
was able to build the extension native shared object.

When I tried running that extension shared object(built on RHEL 6.0)
on the lower version of RHEL(5.4,5.6 etc)  I got the following error
“ELF file OS ABI invalid”.

My intension is getting this extension shared objects working on RHEL
4.0 to RHEL 6.0. How do I achieve this as I would like use it wherever
the FF4 is there.

Appreciate your help.
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