file format for maintaining the ECMAScript spec

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file format for maintaining the ECMAScript spec

Michael Dyck
In the 2015-01-29 meeting notes, in the section on "ecmarkup",
this exchange is noted:

> BT: I believe Allen would like to continue using Word
> DH: No, we want to get away from that
> AWB: ISO requires the document to be submitted in Word

I have it on good authority that JTC 1's IT Task Force, while it may have
a strong preference for MS Word, *will* accept documents in other formats.

In fact, ISO even has an XML vocabulary for standards:
though I admit it's unclear how much they encourage its use.

(Personally, I'd much prefer that the spec source be in a text-based format
like HTML or XML, as that would eliminate the huge amount of munging that I
have to do to extract something useful from the PDF each time a new revision
comes out.)

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