execCommand("enableInlineTableEditing") deprecation in 3.6?

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execCommand("enableInlineTableEditing") deprecation in 3.6?

Ryan McGrath
Hey there,

I'm working on a fairly large web application that uses
contenteditable/design mode to facilitate user editing of a page. At
some points, the user can inject various tables onto the page -
depending on the scenario, we set "enableInlineTableEditing" to false to
prevent some of the tables from being editable and such.

Prior to Firefox 3.6, this worked wonders, but as of Firefox 3.6 the
call seems to fail and do nothing. Release notes/etc concerning this
seem spotty; can anyone else confirm if this is a bug, or was it an
intentional change? Is this ability moved to another command or something?


- Ryan McGrath
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