error message when creating test cases in Testopia 2.5

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error message when creating test cases in Testopia 2.5


We are running Testopia 2.5 with Bugzilla 4.4 in a virtual development server while learning and developing our test case management strategy.

When I try to create a new test case, I am getting the following error.


Here is the full text of the message:
There was an error loading the data: <h1>Software error:</h1>
<pre>Can't call method &quot;login&quot; on an undefined value at C:/Program Files/bugzilla/tr_quicksearch.cgi line 463.
For help, please send mail to the webmaster (<a href="mailto:[hidden email]">[hidden email]</a<mailto:[hidden email]%3c/a>>), giving this error message
and the time and date of the error.


Currently it does not seem to impede our ability to create cases, but I would like to understand this error before we port this Testopia over to our "real" Bugzilla database.


Richard Aronson
Engineering Test Manager

W: 510.814.7000 ext. 609
C: 510.589.4035

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