embedded XULRunner 24: AddonManager not initialized

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embedded XULRunner 24: AddonManager not initialized

Christian Sell

after getting components to register successfully in our Java embedded XULRunner, I am now dealing with plugins/addons. In particular, we need plugins for PDF.

First thing I did was to copy the related executables (DLLs to the plugins directory, EXEs to the xulrunner base directory). My initial tests show that our PDF plugin (Foxit Reader) works as expected, but flash pages fail to load.

Also, when invoking the about:plugins page, I get an empty page and see the following line in the console output:

[JavaScript Error: "NS_ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED: AddonManager is not initialized" {file: "resource://gre/modules/AddonManager.jsm" line: 1784}]

Can anyone explain the details of how to register plugins into an embedded XULRunner instance? What about the AddonManager thing?

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