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I am using Bugzilla version 3.4.6 on a windows XP environment with mysql server 5.1, ActiveState Perl 5.10.1, using IIS 5.1. I am currently using a batch file to have incoming messages be run by this batch file to utilize the I am getting a "Either no products have been defined to enter bugs against or you have not been given access to any." error message. I ran the "GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES" command on the mysql screen and I am able to create new bugs through the web interface but it will not work when I try to pipe the e-mail using

The command i'm using to pipe the e-mail is:
c:\bugzilla> perl < c:\test.txt

The "e-mail" (test.txt) file I am testing this function with is:
Subject: Bug Summary
 @Product = NEW
 @Component = New
 @Version = 1.0

 This is a bug description. It will be entered into the bug exactly as
 written here.

 It can be multiple paragraphs.

 This is a signature line, and will be removed automatically, It will not
 be included in the bug description.

Any ideas on what's going on?
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Re: error message

i've fixed the issue by adding another blank line between Subject and @product.