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Frederico Barros
Now that Pocket is part of Mozilla, I have an idea. What if there was an ebook reader based on Pocket? It would be DRM agnostic, able to read anything, Wi-Fi with a LTE option, would have an e-reader screen and would have Firefox for basic browsing.

I thought that maybe the e-reader funcion could all be based on the Pocket code, as it is already able to read PDF files. Improving on it, support for ePub, MOBI etc. could be added, I guess.

The idea came from the realization that although I have an iPad and a Kindle, each one leaves an important gap: a tablet is less comfortable to read and hold, bigger, almost clumsy sometimes and more expensive (which makes me hesitate about taking it with me everywhere I go) whereas the kindle is not flexible enough. Of course an e-reader will never and should not in fact be as flexible as a tablet, but the agility to add more content to it with speed and ease - especially more ephemeral content like news, articles etc. - would make it close to perfect for reading purposes.

The addition of Firefox to the mix would be just that: a nice addition for light web surfing, but the device would not have notifications, games apps etc. It would be an e-reader.

If anybody thinks the idea is worth anything, I'd love to further discuss it.

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