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Daniel Dalton
I have tried  my best using some of the simple MSAA functions in jaws to
try and tell each window apart. Exploring with home row mode with MSAA
hardly gave me much info. I could Identify I am in the inbox but now it
runs the inbox code when in the add ons list. So is there something that
can be done about this?

I think if you guys have gone to the effort to setup a mailing list
based on accessibility then I would have thought there might be a bit
more accessibility in tb.
Like even just been able to tell dialogs from options from menus from
the message list.
Someone else wants to take over the scripts so if we can have some basic
method to tell windows apart it would make his life a bit easier.
Sorry but I am just finding it really hard to write scripts for tb that
do what I want. Now I have implemented the basics the rest that is
needed to make it really accessibility is going to be very hard.

Daniel Dalton

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