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[desktop] Bugs logged by Desktop Release QA in the last 7 days

Mihai Boldan

Here's the list of new issues found and filed by the Desktop Release QA
team in the last 7 days.
Additional details on the team's priorities last week, as well as the
plans for the current week are available at: https://tinyurl.com/y7qogtfb.
Bugs logged by Desktop Release QA in the last 7 days:
*Firefox:Address Bar
* NEW - https://bugzil.la/1635044 - Link from address bar is auto
selected for a short period after clicking homepage button while having
a loaded page

Firefox: Installer
* RESOLVED FIXED - https://bugzil.la/1636445 - The update button is not
visible while a high contrast theme is enbled

Firefox: New Tab Page
* NEW - https://bugzil.la/1635055 - Customize your New Tab page button
remains in hovered state after being clicked

Firefox: Preferences
* RESOLVED WONTFIX - https://bugzil.la/1635040 - List for certificates
manager has 1 additional space at the last element
* NEW - https://bugzil.la/1635057 - ETP Custom option - keep space with
padding/margins between trackers and option dropdowns
* NEW - https://bugzil.la/1635073 - Using Tab key can select
about:preferences page but has interrupted dotted line

Firefox: Session Restore
* NEW - https://bugzil.la/1636127 - [Ubuntu] Firefox UI becomes
corrupted after session restore
* NEW - https://bugzil.la/1636372 - Tabs with play button are not
remembering their previously muted state after restart the browser

Firefox: Theme
* RESOLVED WONTFIX - https://bugzil.la/1636450 - Library button can’t be
clicked while Saved to Library hint is displayed

Firefox: Toolbars and Customization
* NEW - https://bugzil.la/1635105 - Firefox becomes unresponsive when
more tools is closed while having search bar and forget window opened

Core: Graphics: WebGPU
* NEW - https://bugzil.la/1636034 - github.io/hectic-rs-wasm game not
loading on Windows 10

Core: Layout
* NEW - https://bugzil.la/1635143 - Search logins in Firefox Lockwise
quickly extends and retracts when the page is refreshed

Core: Networking: Cache
* NEW - https://bugzil.la/1636395 - Cache memory (Number of entries) is
not always cleared when the policy is enabled

Core: Privacy: Anti-Tracking
* NEW - https://bugzil.la/1635145 - The button changes to "Signed in"
with certain settings (Custom mode - All third-party cookies)

Core: WebRTC
* NEW - https://bugzil.la/1636063 - Calls between webroom.net are not
working properly on Firefox

Toolkit: Video/Audio Controls
* NEW - https://bugzil.la/1636381 - Facebook videos stop after scrolling
while in PiP mode

DevTools: Netmonitor
* NEW - https://bugzil.la/1636385 - Netmonitor blocking - Set context
menu options to disabled_status if all options are Enabled or Disabled

Mozilla Localization: ar / Arabic
* NEW - https://bugzil.la/1635116 - macOS - AR locale - Cancel button
font text_descender not contained

This is available as a Bugzilla bug list as well:

Mihai Boldan

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