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[desktop] Bugs logged by Desktop Release QA in the last 7 days

Mihai Boldan

Sorry for the spam. Forgot to mention the bugs from github.

Here's the list of new issues found and filed by the Desktop Release QA
team in the last 7 days.
Additional details on the team's priorities last week, as well as the
plans for the current week are available at: https://tinyurl.com/y4n4rovw.
Bugs logged by Desktop Release QA in the last 7 days:

Firefox: Sync
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1539784 - Clicking the “Cancel” button from the
Master Password Prompt while trying to disconnect sync account leads to
a “Failed to sanitize” error

Firefox: Preferences
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1540085 - Manage Cookies and Site Data values
are offset

Firefox: Security
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1540164 - Cert error page is displayed after
restart when toggling the specific prefs

Core: DOM: Events
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1538651 - Selected strings in Office's365 Word
documents do not get replaced if inputting new text instead

Core: DOM: Events
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1538652 - Selecting strings in Office's365 Word
documents in any way shifts the focus out of the document

Core: Layout: Positioned
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1539089 - Text on Blacklist button from
about:url-classifier is not centered

Core: Audio/Video: Playback
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1539098 - [Youtube] The sound is briefly
interrupted if the user enters full screen mode

Core: Audio/Video: Playback
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1539182 - IMDB video freezes if another IMDB
video is paused in a different tab

Core: Layout
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1539401 - [Netflix] Dragging control buttons
from thumbnail videos makes them appear near the cursor outside the window

Core: Audio/Video
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1539419 - Glitches when enlarging videos on Facebook

Core: Graphics
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1539431 - [Linux] "Emoticon picker" from outlook
is cut off

Core: Panning and Zooming
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1539443 - [Reddit] Page elements flash on fast

DevTools: Inspector: Rules
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1538646 - Pasting copied selector+declarations
when creating a new rule should create the rule *and* add the declarations

DevTools: Inspector: Changes
ASSIGNED - https://bugzil.la/1538648 - Select all option selects even
the [Copy All Changes] button

DevTools: Inspector: Changes
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1538683 - Export changes - improper focus on
Copy All Changes button

DevTools: Inspector: Changes
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1539127 - [Track Changes] Properties with
[--name] selector format populate the whole list in the changes tab

Toolkit: Crash Reporting
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1539772 - [Win] Info section in crash reporter
is selected after crash-restart

Toolkit: Add-ons Manager
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1540087 - Pressing D button while inside any
addon options will disabled it

External Software Affecting Firefox: Other
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1538706 - Suggested McAfee Antivirus product
variant to be used for testing

External Software Affecting Firefox: Other
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1540133 - [Win] - "Profile missing" error spam
after Kaspsersky old install -> Update to Internet Security version

WebExtensions: General
NEW - https://bugzil.la/1540106 - [Evernote Web Clipper] Toggling
between Allow/Don't Allow buttons erases content for additional add-on
specific settings

OPEN - #231 <https://github.com/mozilla/contain-facebook/issues/231> -
"Facebook Container" string is duplicated in the overflow menu

OPEN - #234 <https://github.com/mozilla/contain-facebook/issues/234>-
Facebook Container's panel displays horizontal and vertical scrollbars
if opened via the Overflow Menu

This is available as a Bugzilla bug list as well:

Mihai Boldan

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