converting to utf8 with doesn't appear to work

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converting to utf8 with doesn't appear to work

Will Wagner-2

I have an old install of bugzilla that was originally done a long time
ago and so utf8 support was switched off. It is now running 5.0.3. There
are multiple instances of bugzilla running from this install, only this
one is not already utf8.

I want to run contrib/ to update everything to utf8 so I can
change the install parameter to utf8.

When I run:
PROJECT=carallon contrib/ --guess --dry_run

It runs through and spits out a number of strings that it wants to
upgrade, the detected charsets look good and all seems sensible.

I then run:
PROJECT=carallon contrib/ --guess

It runs without errors. At this point I'd like to think the conversion
is complete. However if I run it again with --dry-run then it again
lists the same set of strings needing an update

Is the recode processes working or not? I assume not. What must I do to
fix it?

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