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autopackage incorporation into xpinstall

Daniel Hoggan-2
I am trying to incorporate 2 items into the xpinstall package so that
I can use XULrunner as my system-wide application framework.  The
first is pkg_install from the BSD sources, the second is autopackage.
But I am having difficulty in doing so:

1. pkg_install does everything that auto package does, but on a system-
wide basis I want to incorporate as little of pkg_install as is
possible, so that autopackage does most of the work.

2.  I want to use the .XPI packaging format, from xpinstall, but I
only require xpinstall to incorporate autopackage and pkg_install into
the XULrunner framework.

3.  I like the idea of the autopackage executables.  I really thought
that it was a shame that it wasn't a system-wide pkg_manager.  but I
also need to tie this into my update_engine, which means that
xpinstall is perfect.

So now that you can understand where I'm coming from, I am writing in
order to ask if you would be willing to help me.  You don't actually
need to do anything but give me advise upon where I am going wrong.
If that's okay for you then I would hope that you get in touch.

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