adding new custom cipher to NSS

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adding new custom cipher to NSS

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Hello everyone.

I have a small research oriented project in which I have to add a custom similar to AES like cipher to the NSS which will later be used by the Thunderbird for TLS establishment.

Can someone guide me the steps or bird eye view of how to accomplish this. At the moment I have added/defined my ciphers in the following files by doing my own limited research:

i. sslproto.h
ii. sslenum.c
iii. ssl3con.c
iv. ssl3ecc.c

the ciphersuite name is === TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_MYAES_128_GCM_SHA256

HEX number given to it  === OXC02A

however when I compile the following error comes in:
ssl3con.c(184): error C2078 too many initalizers
ssl3con.c(293): error C2065 cipher myaes_128_gcm : undeclared identifier

and alot more errors ...

If someone can give me an example or just some high level guidance for defining the custom CIPHER I will be very very thankful.

ps: i know adding a custom cipher is not recommended and can cause security issues but its a research oriented project. NSS version is NSS_3_19_2_WITH_CKBI_1_98_BRANCH
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