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mozilla accessibility
I've been finding some inconsistencies in the way xul is handled. I'm not
sure where the problem lies: with firefox or screen reader.

The first, and most rellevant to my navigation extension development is the
fact that things seem to get very sluggish when dealing with xul listboxes
containing many elements.  See the test case at:

This simply creates a list of 1400 elements and displays it. There are also
two buttons, one just before the list and one just after to give the screen
reader something to focus on which is not the list.

What I notice is:

1. focusing on the list and pressing down arrow - wait a long time before
the screen reader responds and reads next item
* I see this behavior with jaws, window-eyes, and NVDA under latest firefox

Can anyone reproduce these results?  How does it act without a screen

2. All the list items are displayed in the virtual buffer
* I see this with jaws and NVDA; window-eyes shows just the collapsed list
in the virtual buffer

In this case, I think window-eyes has it right: just show the collapsed
listbox and only show items when forms mode enabled on by pressing enter.

I think these bugs are rellevant:

Bug 391490:

Bug 391490 depends on bug 443764, which changed state.

Bug 443764 Summary: nsHTMLSelectListAccessible::GetState -- |if| condition
is always true

-- Rich

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