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XUL onselect problem

In SearchDialog (.xul), I want to do an custom action if a message is selected (in my overlay).

The messages are displayed in a tree:         <tree id="threadTree".
if I add onselect = "alert('test');", that works fine on selecting a message.

But ..... if I press search button, onselect is also called. Search button is in another vbox.

Using DOM inspector, the xul structure is:
<vbox id="searchTerms" ...>   .. here is search button
<vbox id="searchResults" ...
   <tree id= threadTree"
   onselect= ... see above
   /> (tree)
7> (vbox searchResults)

/> (window)

Why does search button (and other elements) trigger onselect?
In DOM inspector, onselect for the button is null.

any help is appreciated.

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