Weekly All-hands meeting, Monday March 5th, 2012

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Weekly All-hands meeting, Monday March 5th, 2012

Matthew Claypotch-2
Hi there,

My name is Potch. You may know me from such programs as Ice Road
Housewives, Iron Chef Bulgaria, and Monday's all-hands meeting. I'm here
to remind you add your updates to the wiki! Tune in here:


Note- I've made some changes to the  Weekly Meeting template. All the
sections of the wiki that will be read on-air have been grouped into the
'All-hands Status Meeting Agenda' section. If you would like your team's
status to be presented during the meeting and it does not appear in that
section, please add it there. After the meeting, I'll go through and add
any teams/projects that were added to the template so you'll have a spot
by default. I hope it helps make things a bit cleaner and in the future,
nobody's updates fall through the cracks!

See you Monday!

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