Website move to Github Pages and Jekyll: testing requested

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Website move to Github Pages and Jekyll: testing requested

Gervase Markham
The code behind uses Template Toolkit, which
means that we have to host it ourselves. The build system for including
the docs in the website also requires various older Perls and so on
which has proved historically troublesome.

We've been meaning to move to something newer for a while, and Wordpress
was mooted, but in recent Bugzilla meetings we proposed moving to Github
Pages and Jekyll. I've now done that conversion, and the results can be
seen here:

I have made various content updates along the way, either to eliminate
capabilities that we didn't actually need and which were hard to
reproduce, or just to update the content. I now believe we are ready to
make the switch. Therefore:

**Can people please check the website at the above URL and make sure it
seems to all work fine for them?**

Very soon, we hope to cut over to using this copy as the master copy,
and decommission the old one.


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