Using ISimpleDOMNode with JAWS Screen reader in Thunderbird

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Using ISimpleDOMNode with JAWS Screen reader in Thunderbird

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Hi everyone,

I would like to use the ISimpleDOM API with the JAWS screen reader in Thunderbird.

When I use NVDA, if I go to the message filters window with Thunderbird, each filter is represented by a checkbox, which can be checked or unchecked with the spacebar.

By default, this is not accessible, but if I use ISimpleDOM, I can see the innerHTML property, which will give me the state of the attribute 'enabled="true"' or 'enabled="false"'.

The code below works fine with NVDA:

from comtypes.gen.ISimpleDOM import ISimpleDOMNode
import api
import ui
focus = api.getFocusObject ()
obj = focus.IAccessibleObject.QueryInterface(ISimpleDOMNode)
node = obj.innerHTML
if 'enabled="true"' in node:
    ui.message (u"The filter {} is checked !".format(
    ui.message (u"The filter {} is unchecked !".format(

Could I have the equivalent with JAWS?

If so, how to use ISimpleDOMNode with JAWS?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards.