Using Firefox to test the Visual C++ compiler

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Using Firefox to test the Visual C++ compiler


*I posted this on multiple mailing lists, I'm not sure which is the right place for these questions.

I'm a developer on the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler (code optimizer) and I'm looking into extending our test suite with popular open-source projects. This helps  us to find bugs earlier, ensuring that these projects are not broken by frontend or backend changes. It also helps the projects themselves, by making upgrades to the never compiler easier - ideally without any problems.

I have several questions about building Firefox on Windows and especially about running the correctness tests:

1. What is the latest version of Visual Studio that should be used? I tried first VS2015 Update 3 and there seems to be a C++ error about "constexpr". Next I tried Update 2 and that one finishes the build.

2. What are the tests that should be run to test correctness? The idea here is to ensure that new optimizations don't introduce new bugs, which should be exposed by new test failures in Firefox. I looked over the QA Automated testing page and there seem to be a lot of different test suites - running all is probably not feasible. Is there a subset that is run when a checkin is done, for example?

3. What Windows OS do you use for testing? Window 10, Windows 8, etc? Any other configuration work needed, such as disabling the antivirus/firewall?

After the build completed, I tried to run a few of the tests and there seem to be many failures even with a debug build. I assume that the checked in tests are supposed to pass, so it's likely a Windows config problem or failure to access extra files from the Web.

For example, ./mach reftests had about 700 failures. ./mach gtest, jsapi-tests, jsbrowsertest had none. The tests were run under Windows 10 Anniversary update with the AV disabled.

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Microsoft Visual C++ team
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