Using Bugzilla:Mailer for additional mailing capability

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Using Bugzilla:Mailer for additional mailing capability

Unca Ghryswald
My boss likes to get Daily Reports from the team.  To facilitate that, I repurposed "voteremovedmail" in the old installation.  It was a simple hack.  Just copied the voteremovedmail code, renamed it, pointed at a different template, and voila - instant Daily Reports. The template had a textarea where the user could input "Here's what I did all day" and it came pre-populated with a [1day] search-result of bugs which the user edited/reported/etc...

With the new method of handling mail, I am at a loss as to how to re-enable this.

Mind you, I have just enough PERL skill to make myself dangerous.

So my question is:

Is there an easy way to utilize the Bugzilla:Mailer to submit a form containing...

My efforts have resulted in grey hair and incomplete header messages.

Unca Ghrys