Using AppImage to distribute Firefox binaries for linux

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Using AppImage to distribute Firefox binaries for linux

As we know, Currently Firefox is being distributed for linux users via their distribution repo's or as a compressed pre-compiled binary from the firefox download page.

This method which i am proposing is called AppImage which relies on concept of 1 app = 1 file. This would allow Linux users to just download, chmod a+x, and run Firefox. Please consider providing an AppImage for firefox for linux users.

By distributing Firefox in the AppImage format, you could reach users on all major desktop distributions & also users can try multiple versions of firefox on the same host os. Also since the image file is always in compressed state & uncompresses only on execution. Thus, the disk space is saved.

Cross-platform application projects like Scribus, Krita, and Subsurface (these are all Qt-based) are adopting AppImages as an easy way to bring bleeding-edge releases to users on all major Linux desktop distributions.

Source Code

Some examples can be found at

Although, the developer made a version of firefox(44.0) but if it comes from mozilla it gains a level of trust in the users.

I filed a bug regarding
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