Upgrading from Perl 5.6 to Perl 5.8.8

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Upgrading from Perl 5.6 to Perl 5.8.8

I am using Bugzilla 3.0 with Apache 2.2, IIS on Windows,MySQL.

When I put following command on DOS prompt

C:\bugzilla> perl checksetup.pl

I get an error "Perl v5.8.0 required -- this is only version v5.6.1, stopped at ./checksetup.pl line 46
                    BEGIN failed -- compilation aborted at ./checksetup.pl line 46".

How i have to upgrade from Perl 5.6.1 to Perl 5.8.0?
My intention is I dont want to touch anything at Bugzilla, Apache,IIS, MySQl etc because I an new to bugzilla.