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Upgrading an extension

Ken Perry-3

I am upgrading an extension that worked fine in Minimo version 15.  Yes I
know its old but its something we need now that we are upgrading our mobile
platform.  We are only upgrading to Minimo 18 version 20070510 because that
is the current bitbake script supported in the OE Linux  branch we are
using.  In the long run I am going to switch from using the extension to an
embedded application but for now I would just like to upgrade what we have.
I have everything compiled except for this very short function.  I am sure I
am just not including the right frozen interface or not changing to some new
nsIURI functions but I can't seem to figure out how to do this with the new
Minimo 18.  If someone could help me by telling me what I need to include or
to get this to work or what I need to do to convert it to the new frozen
libraries it would be greatly appreciated.  The following is the function
that Ineed to get to work.  Followed by the errors I get.

nsIconConnection::getURIString(const nsIURI * URI)

 nsXPIDLCString prePath;


 nsXPIDLCString path;


 string URL(prePath);

 URL += path;

 return URL;


nsIconConnection.cpp: In member function `std::string
nsIconConnection::getURIString(const nsIURI*)':
nsIconConnection.cpp:240: error: no matching function for call to
`nsIURI::GetPrePath(nsXPIDLCString&) const'
../../../dist/include/necko/nsIURI.h:97: note: candidates are: virtual
nsresult nsIURI::GetPrePath(nsACString_internal&) <near match>
nsIconConnection.cpp:244: error: no matching function for call to
`nsIURI::GetPath(nsXPIDLCString&) const'
../../../dist/include/necko/nsIURI.h:165: note: candidates are: virtual
nsresult nsIURI::GetPath(nsACString_internal&) <near match>
nsIconConnection.cpp: In member function `virtual nsresult

I have tried switching to auto strings abut that didn't fix it and I just
don't know where to go now.



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